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Investigating online language teachers’ task instruction-giving practices from a multimodal perspective

Date et lieu : Mercredi 11 Juillet 2018, 9h30,MSH, amphi 220

Investigating online language teachers’ task instruction-giving practices from a multimodal perspective

Conférencières : Muge Satar Coen (Newcastle University) et Ciara R. Wigham (LRL)

Date et lieu : mercredi 11 juillet, 9h30, MSH, salle à préciser

Résumé :
In this seminar, we will focus on task instruction-giving practices, a crucial but under-researched aspect of online language classes via videoconferencing, and examine these practices from a multimodal perspective.

Firstly, we will present a qualitative study (Satar & Wigham, 2017) that investigated trainee teachers’ instructions for a role-play rehearsal task. Multimodal (inter)action analysis (Jewitt, Bezemer, & O’Halloran, 2016 ; Norris, 2004) of the data from three sessions revealed how the trainees marked different stages in the instructions using gaze and webcam proximity, allocated roles helped by the use of gaze and gestures, and introduced key vocabulary using word-stress, gaze and text chat strategies.

We will then present the research design and initial analysis steps for a second study that we are currently undertaking. This study aims to investigate how experienced online language teachers give task instructions for convergent and divergent language learning tasks (Skehan, 2001). We are currently examining, with reference to Markee (2015), the key components that comprise online task instructions and the ways in which the experienced online teachers make certain components salient through online and embodied resources.

Dr Muge Satar Coen is a Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and TESOL at Newcastle University in the UK. Her research interests include Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), in particular Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) and online language learning and teaching. She is co-editor of the Journal of Virtual Exchange and recently co-edited a special issue of Writing & Pedagogy, titled ‘Multimodality in Electronic Feedback in Writing’. Muge joins the LRL on a short-stay visit as a visiting lecturer (UCA appel 2018) to continue data analysis for the second study with Ciara Wigham.

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